Christina Law - Resident Certified Yoga Instructor

Certified Thai Yoga Bodywork, Pranic Healing & Faster EFT, AYURVEDA Practitioner

cropped-photo-2.jpgChristina offers a range of experience and modalities to meet the unique needs we all face in a world full of complexity.  She changes her teaching styles according to the larger cycles of nature through Yin and Yang practices and Ayurveda to help balance her students.  In the slower practices she loves to weave in all kinds of spiritual teachings that have helped her along the way and plays IMG_2979the guitar and sings during class.  She loves working one-on-one to get to the root of challenges whether physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or energetic.  She has a new diagnostic tool called a Veda Pulse that reads the imbalances in the body from the Ayurvedic perspective and gives the lifestyle, foods and yoga poses to get back into balance.  She does Thai Yoga Bodywork and Faster EFT in privates , via skype, and offers Body Thriving programs to individual clients and IMG_2205groups to help detox, lose weight and restore vitality through hardcore self-care and habit changing practices.  She cooks healthy local foods for the retreats and offers her multiple healing modalities to the participants.

7263_384915428285000_2061887819_nShe faced challenges in her own life from a young age with Rheumatic Fever and had to be very mindful of her food choices, then again as she faced issues with candida as an adult.  This led her to personal experiences and studies with detoxes, the Body Ecology Diet, raw and living foods, and Ayurveda.  She raised 3 children, they are top athletes and academic award winners, exemplifying the quality of the principles she has employed in their parenting .  Yin Yoga , the power of Sound, and meditation proved to be invaluable practices during life's challenging times.  A  2014 car accident set her back emotionally and physically which is how she found the powerful emotional healing technique, Faster EFT, and began studies in Ayurveda & Herbalism.  She experienced pain & weight gain during this stressful and sedentary stage and has healed herself with all of these amazing tools.

Music on the Beach with Christina
Music on the Beach with Christina

She found her spiritual faith in the Native American ways of the Lakota Tribe, and moved to the mountains with her family to experience even more peace, community and healing.  She helped found Heartwood Community, their garden, and Heartwood Health and Yoga Retreat Center. She has practiced yoga and various healing techniques for 19 years and is ready to share and help others evolve the human body, mind, and spirit.  As with all things, she keeps the focus that this may 1001640_385356391574237_1304447335_nhappen with love, grace, and ease for the BENEFIT OF  ALL LIFE ON EARTH .

She received her 200 hour Yoga certification in Vinyassa Yoga at PYC  (Peachtree Yoga Center)  in 2000, Prenatal Yoga certification in 2003, Thai 283296_2260984169872_962962_nMassage certification in Thailand in 2005, 100 hour Yin Yoga and meditation intensive with Sarah Powers  at the Kripalu Institute in 2007, and Advanced 500 hour Yoga certification at PYC and Pranic Healing in 2008. She is currently in training for certification in  Faster EFT , Living Ayurveda, and Taste of Herbs courses.


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