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Another Handbuilding Clay class with Artist Lynn Marie Dwyer.   Outdoors by the fire, yummy food/beverage share, creative juices flowing!  Come share the experience at Heartwood Health, Art and Yoga and do some art this Saturday night!
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We held our retreat this past weekend, and it was a fabulous time.  We have a loving wonderful group … Here are some photos from our experience.  Please be sure to sign up for our mailing list to find out more offerings from Heartwood Health, Art and Yoga.


mountain yoga

 Friday June 14th – Sunday June 16th 

 Is is time to retreat and give your body and soul time to restore?  

We have a revitalizing program for you, including cleansing foods, Yoga, sauna, nature, and relaxation.  We will immerse ourselves into the Body Ecology diet principles on Saturday with yummy and nurturing veggies coming from our garden, and on Sunday, will be a nurturing one day liquid cleanse that you could do once a week or anytime you get out of balance.

  •  We will do yoga at different parts of the day, including Vinyasa, Yin, meditations.
  •  Hike into nature to connect on a deeper level.
  •  hot tub, sauna, body treatments
  • optional Thai bodywork and traditional massages
Sometimes, getting away, to a wonderful environment is just what we need to transform our bodies and minds.
In a high stress world, it is important to slow down, reevaluate our habits, and set some healthy ones.
Not having to cook for yourself is a highlight in retreat which gives you more time for relaxation. Be prepared to feel rejuvenated as we scrub our bodies and minds to get polished up for the summer!
5 people minimum.
180$/person or 350$/couple all inclusive
125$ without accommodation.
 If you live in the area, and would like to just come for the day, for only 50$!
5 yoga classes, 6 meals, sauna, hot tub, hiking, optional massage.
Christina Law 404)587-8016
or complete this simple form 🙂 We hope to hear from you!
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private services

recommended donation amounts
-private/assisted (hands on) Yoga~40$
-Thai Yoga/mat~60$/hour
-Thai Yoga/table~60$/hour
-Thai oil bodywork/table~60$/hour
-pranic healing~40$/hour
-deep tissue massage~60$/hour
-facial 70$/hour(we have the whole set up with steamer and magnifying glass)

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The Thai massage is primarily based on an acup...
The Thai massage is primarily based on an acupressure system of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine with an added touch of yoga. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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